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The Haircuts that will rule 2020

8th January 2020 : 12:46pm, by admin

2020 already feels like a year that’s going to be full of change. From politics to fashion there are shifts taking place across countries and cultures. On an individual level, when it comes to your own aesthetic, a new haircut is often one of the simplest ways to create a new look. In terms of the hair trends to follow for 2020 these are the cuts that are most likely to rule.

Natural bounce and texture

Curls look good on almost anyone and have been a trend for some time now. This year it’s all about natural curls that look nourished and well cared for. Natural curls tend to make hair look big, which is why it’s so important to make sure that you get a cut that works with your face shape and makes the most of all that natural texture.

Back to bangs

Instagram has been full of bangs in recent months, whether real or faux, and this has signalled a return to this vintage trend that fuelled so many great one liners for so long. If you don’t want to go for bangs for real then there are plenty of very convincing hair pieces around that will do the job just as well.

The new shag

It was the statement haircut of the 1970s and now the shag is getting a face lift for 2020. The basis of this cut is a wispy fringe and gentle layers with a whole lot of natural texture. It’s a great option as a cut if you’re looking for hair that doesn’t take a lot of styling to look awesome, and which will help you channel a bit of your inner wild child into the new year.

Razor layers

While the statement cut for last year might have been a sleek, short bob, this year it’s the opposite. Layers that have been cut with a razor are the coolest style to create in 2020 – this is a look that is all about depth and texture and one with plenty of space for individuality.

Rock star layers

A little rock chic style is always appropriate and this attitude is making a return in 2020 as hair gets longer and layers do too. If you don’t have the natural length then extensions can help you to get there. Just make sure that you’ve got those rock star layers cut throughout so that you get the movement and texture that defines this style.

The structured cut

If you’re not keen on a cut that is a little wild then the ultra sleek and polished structured trend is for you. This type of cut is heavy on the blunt ends and incorporates a lot of straight lines. For lovers of order and simplicity, as opposed to wild texture and slightly undone style, the structured cut will give you everything you need to make a statement in 2020, your way.

From the reinvention of the ‘70s shag to the perfectionism of the structured cut, these are the haircuts that will dominate the 2020 aesthetic.

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