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Eileen was a passionate and major force in the Education and Beauty Sector, and also worked tirelessly in supporting charities and raising awareness, womens cancer was at the forefront of these charities.

In keeping with Eileen’s legacy we are dedicating this page to her two favorite charities. If you would like to make a donation just click on charities logo.

We thank you for supporting Eileen’s chosen charities and carrying on her good work.

Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing Of Women (WOW)

Wellbeing of Women envisions a world where women are free from the distress, pain and heartache of reproductive and gynaecological health issues. These issues, such as gynaecological cancers, endometriosis, preterm birth, incontinence and menopause are still, sadly, very much taboo.

There is an urgent need for improved diagnosis, effective treatment and better support. However, knowledge of these conditions is limited due to the lack of funding for this area of medical research. Despite this, almost all women will, in some shape or form, encounter a reproductive or gynaecological health issue throughout their life time.

With increased investment in medical research, we have the power to improve women’s health both in the UK and worldwide. Your donation will enable Wellbeing of Women to continue to find answers to the biggest questions affecting women’s health to improve the lives of women, their babies and their families.

The Eve Appeal

Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is the only gynaecological cancer charity in the UK. We champion all five women-specific cancers. These cancers are too-little known and too-little talked about. We do two very important things: we raise awareness of their signs and symptoms and with only 3% of women confident about spotting the signs of a gynae cancer, this is vital work; and we support medical research in early detection and diagnosis. This is an important focus because with these cancers, detecting them early is what will save most lives. Ovarian cancer affects over 7000 women each year in the UK – that’s a huge number, but what’s really brutal is that over 4,000 of them will die within 5 years because they have been diagnosed at a late stage. That’s far too many mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

Eileen was a great friend to The Eve Appeal and raised awareness in the workplace, throughout the beauty industry and across many business networks.

This has left an important legacy that will continue. Like Eileen, The Eve Appeal will continue to work tirelessly for women of today and women of the future to change the statistics and create the best possible for support on women’s cancers.