LCBT’s aim is to work closely with our local schools and communities in order to help students make informed choices about further education.

We can provide a variety of information and resources to help young people explore their options and find out more about LCBT. We can also work with your school or organisation to plan and carry out a range of activities that aim to motivate students with their studies and help them explore their options post-16.

We have long partnered with a wide range of community groups to ensure open access, funded training across London where necessary. We work with the Jobcentre, youth groups, sports clubs, gyms and young people’s associations to ensure that we are tackling the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) issue in London and beyond.

We offer a wide range of programmes to cover this, from our 1 day a week schools programme, to our range of retail, beauty and fitness courses which are all funded for those out of work.

To find out more about what we can offer, please see below.



  • Attending Careers Days and Fairs
  • Open Evenings at LCBT
  • Assembly, PSHE and Parent Evening Talks
  • Supporting Year 9 Decision Periods
  • Supporting GCSE Results Days
  • Material for your Career Library
  • One Day a Week Schools Programme
  • Learner Referral Service



We are happy to discuss how we can support your organisations needs. Contact the schools liaison team on 0207 208 1300 or email . If you work with young people and are looking for opportunities for them to undertake funded employability or school level programmes, contact our business development team on 0207 208 1300.

We look forward to hearing from you.