Student Support

London College of Beauty Therapy’s Additional Learning Support Local Officer

At LCBT our aim is to reduce barriers to learning and participation in education. To support the learning, achievement and development of employability skills for young people and adults, we prioritise our commitment in line with the SEND code of practice 2014, Equality Act 2010 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.

We have strong links with external organisations and work in partnership with parents and professionals to meet the needs of those who choose to study at LCBT, providing a learner centred approach. With a range of in-house services, which all learners are encouraged to access, learners are supported to reduce personal barriers to successfully engage in education, training and employment.


Additional Learning Support (ALS); where possible, is available for those who self-declare a learning barrier, such as a learning difficulty or disability, including mental health. Each case if individually assessed to ensure that we can meet the specific needs of learners, within the parameters of support that the college is able to offer. For learners who can provide evidence of their learning barriers such as an SEND statement or Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), we can review and implement special adjustments; such as extra time, reader or scribe for exams. In exceptional cases we are also able to provide the use of specialist equipment such as reader pens, laptops or computers which can be adjusted to support learning.

As we work in partnership with a range of support organisations, we also advocate support and assist with referrals to Local Authority SEN Services, Educational Psychologists, CAMHS, Adult Mental Health Services, etc.

At LCBT support is available for the following learning barriers:

  • Dyslexia And Dyspraxia
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Mild To Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • Physical Or Sensory Needs
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Language, Literacy Or Numeracy Skills

If there are any other support strategies that are specific to you then we will try our best to accommodate this throughout your course.


If you think you may need help or special adjustments during application to enrol, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. You can contact the College directly on:

Telephone: 020 7208 1300


Other ways that you can get the support needed are:

  • Completing The College Application Form And Ticking The Relevant Boxes And Disclose Your Learning Needs. It Is Important That We Are Aware Of Any Support Needs Prior To Enrolment So That We Can Plan Accordingly.
  • Tell Us About Your Support Needs During Information, Advice And Guidance Interview (IAG). This Allows Us To Ensure We Can Meet Individual Needs.
  • Speaking To Your Tutor Or Programme Manager To Request A Referral For Additional Learning Support (ALS).

All applicants who request support will be contacted to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your needs and support strategies we may be able to put in place to meet your individual circumstances.

Depending on the level of support you require, there may be instances where we will recommend or refer you to a learning or training provider who will be able to facilitate your learning needs.


You have a right to the information about your disability being kept confidential and we will respect this. However, it may be that the most appropriate adjustment cannot be made if you do not want the disclosure or share information with us. If you are not comfortable with the information being shared please let us know.


LCBT aims to provide all learners with a household income of £40,000.00 and below with the equal opportunity to engage and progress on their courses by offering assistance through our Learner Support Fund.

To assist learners, we can offer support with travel and meals as well as childcare and other support based on individual circumstances. Funding is available from the 16-18 Discretionary Fund; Advanced Learning Loans Bursary Fund; FE Free Meals and Vulnerable Bursary Fund, for all eligible learners or those with exceptional circumstances.

Only enrolled learners can access the learner support fund, however, we welcome applications in advance to your start date and recommend that all applicants collect proof of income before submitting applications.

Please note, although we aim to meet the needs of all learners who qualify for the learner support, funds are limited and subject to availability. See links below on how to apply.

Links & Downloads:

  • LCBT Financial Support Policy
  • FE Free Meals – (This is an online form to complete when applying for FE Free Meal vouchers. This can only be completed once you have started your course and have a student ID)
  • Learner Support Fund – Funding Available and FAQs
  • Learner Support Fund – (This is an online form to complete when applying for learner support. This can only be completed once you have started your course and have a student ID).


LCBT makes every effort to ensure all our learners feel safe in an environment where they can flourish and be supported with their personal, social, behavioural, intellectual development. The college has well established links with wide range of external support services to which learners in need of specialist support can be signposted and referred.

The protection and safeguarding of vulnerable adults at LCBT is focused on preventing neglect, all forms of abuse, bullying, maltreatment or impairment of health and development to learners, whether they have concerns internal or external to college.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety or wellbeing of any of our current or future learners, in the first instance you should make contact with our Designated Safeguarding person by emailing


LCBT has a comprehensive safeguarding policy in place, this can be downloaded here.

Click CEOP
If you are concerned about your safety online use the click the CEOP button below to make a report. If someone has acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? You can report it now.


LCBT is committed to helping every student have the best possible time at college. You can speak confidentially to our dedicated Support and Progression Coach about any personal issues that may cause a barrier to your learning and positive experience at college.


LCBT Student Services – offers welfare and safeguarding advice and information and will signpost learners with barriers to learning to external and internal support services (email to

Financial Support – young vulnerable learners can have access to the learner bursary and can be awarded up to £1,200 to assist with college costs. (email

Additional Learner Support – our Support and Progression Coach can assist those who feel they would benefit from additional classroom support. Please email or contact us and request to speak to the Support and Progression Coach.

Job Shop & Enrichment – our committed enrichment and job shop team can assist all learners to gain additional industry knowledge and experience by attending industry talks and external events. They can also offer help with progression and employment. Click here to go to the Job Shop.

Safeguarding Team – our designated Safeguarding team aim to ensure the safety and protection of all learners. If you are concerned about the safety of a child or a vulnerable adult please email the safeguarding team on


LCBT is committed to supporting all learners to achieve their academic goals and progress into employment. We recognise some young people may require additional support on their course.

If you are a Looked after Child or a young Care Leaver and would like to study at LCBT, or you need advice and information on our courses, please contact the Head of Student Welfare and Safeguarding by emailing

For professionals who require additional information or advice on the support we offer looked after children and young care leavers who currently study or plan to study at LCBT, please contact the Head of Safeguarding by calling the college main line on 0207 208 1300 or email