Equal Opportunities

Here at LCBT, we expect all staff and learners to be treated and to treat others with respect. Our aim is to provide a working and learning environment free from harassment, intimidation or discrimination in any form that may affect the dignity of the individual.

If any learner or staff member feels that they have been unfairly discriminated against due to race, religion, belief, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or domestic circumstances please contact talkback@lcbt.co.uk for advice, support and guidance.

If you have any ideas for us to consider in this regard, please email the same email address with your suggestions.

LCBT British Values Statement

The College vision, mission and values are important because they provide the College with the means to work together in a learning community, despite our many individual differences. We expect all staff and learners to subscribe to these values, regardless of their faith or beliefs.

LCBT believes that every individual should be treated with courtesy, fairness and we respect the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of gender, marital status, age, disability, race, religion, sexual ordination or position within the organisation. Any individual, who opposes these values due to personal, religious or cultural beliefs, must expect their viewpoint to be challenged by the College community.

For full details of LCBT's Vision, Mission and Values, click here

Praise and Complaints

LCBT runs a full policy for receiving feedback, whether we have done something amazing or could improve on something in future, you can Email Talkback using the following email address: talkback@lcbt.co.uk 



Course related fees and booking deposits can only be refunded in full if a course is cancelled by the college. Deposits for tuition fees, kits or examinations cannot be refunded in the case of illness, personal problems, relocation, change of work, lack of visa or any other reason that may mean you have to cancel or leave your course.


Supply Chain Fees and Charges

Please in below LCBT's published supply chain fees and charges for the academic year 2016/17.

For the academic year 2013/14 please click here to download the financial information in relation the college's SFA subcontracted delivery.

For the academic year 2014/15 please click here to download the financial information in relation the college's SFA subcontracted delivery.

For the academic year 2015/16 please click here to download the financial information in relation the college's SFA subcontracted delivery.

For the academic year 2016/17 please click here to download the financial information in relation the college's SFA subcontracted delivery.


Requests for subcontracting opportunities is now closed for 2019/20.

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

Policy Statement

The London College of Beauty Therapy Ltd (LCBT) is committed to expanding and diversifying the range of curriculum programmes that complement and widen our own curriculum offer and diversify the range of opportunities to re-engage young people and adults in learning and training. Working with high quality partner organisations and nurturing quality smaller training providers allows the College to achieve this goal and ensures that quality provision can be delivered to a wider geographical area, increasing, enhancing participation and the employability of learners. To ensure and provide some initial assurance, LCBT expects all potential subcontractors to be included on the Education Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Training Organisations and therefore successfully passed an initial due diligence process and had had their capability to deliver programmes assessed before applying for a subcontractor through LCBT. LCBT only subcontracts the provision of full programmes and Apprenticeship frameworks which are classified as ‘Provision Subcontracting’.


The policy applies to all subcontracted partner organisations and training providers.

Improving the quality of teaching and learning

LCBT will support the quality of teaching and learning of partner organisations and training providers through the development and sharing of good practice; curriculum and quality reviews; observations of teaching, learning and assessment, together with analysis of learner and employer feedback.

Publication of Information Relating to Sub-Contracting.

In compliance with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and other agency funding rules that apply, the College will publish its subcontracting fees and charges policy and actual end-of-year sub-contracting fees and charges on its website before the start of each academic year (and in the case of actual end of year data, as required by ESFA). LCBT will only provide ‘provision subcontracting’ and therefore the policy will only relate to ‘provision subcontracting’ i.e. subcontracted delivery of full programmes or frameworks. The policy will not include the delivery of a service as part of the delivery of a programme (for example, buying the delivery of part of an Apprenticeship framework or outreach support). The College will ensure all actual and potential subcontractors have sight of this policy and any other relevant documents.

Our overall rates of subcontracting for 19/20 will be similar to those in 18/19 and vary between 80-85% of the funding received would be provided to the subcontractor for the delivery of the subcontract; this will depend on the level of support required for each subcontract and the potential risk (typically the lower subcontracting rates would be for new  sub-contractors due to higher support/risk management needed within the first year). Some subcontracts may contain performance related criteria, where if not met, may decrease the amount of funding the subcontractor may receive. This is both to promote quality provision and to compensate for possible negative consequences to future funding for LCBT. All subcontractors are made fully aware of this before agreeing and commencing subcontracted provision.

The support subcontractors will receive in return for the fee you charge

This figure represents the cost that the London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBT) incurs in effectively identifying, selecting and managing each specific sub-contracted provision. The cost covers the additional support LCBT deems necessary to ensure the quality of education and training, including the administration, processing, auditing and support provided in relation to the information provided, as well as periodic reviews/meetings. It also takes in to account any negative effects in relation to funding to LCBT that supporting a quality subcontract may occur.

Payment terms between you and your subcontractors – timing of payments in relation to delivering provision and timescale for paying invoices and claims for funding received

We endeavour to pay our subcontractors monthly by the 28th of each month. Certain delivery programmes as part of a subcontract may have different payment criteria based on the agreed contract which may include payment upon achievement of objectives/goals or payment made at end of programme upon receipt of all required information and evidence.

Contingency plan for withdrawal of delivery from subcontract arrangement

In the event of a subcontractor withdrawing from the arrangement under any circumstance, or if a subcontractor goes in to liquidation or administration, in compliance with the ESFA funding rules that apply, LCBT will undertake direct management and delivery of the remainder of the agreed provision already being delivered. The delivery will continue through one of two methods:

  • Directly delivered by LCBT’s own existing staff, resources and expertise.
  • LCBT retaining the existing structure of the subcontractor’s delivery, and in the case of liquidation or administration retaining any tutor expertise, specialist equipment, resource needed to aid the completion of the existing learners on programme.

The decision will be based on a review of viability, maximum opportunity for the existing learners to complete their programmes and cost-effectiveness. Any provision that has been planned but started will be cancelled and on the completion of the existing learners, the learning programme closed.

If in the event that LCBT need to withdraw itself from a subcontracting arrangement, sufficient notice will be provided to allow the subcontractors to complete the delivery of the current existing provision. In this event LCBT will provide:

  • support to enable effected subcontractors to identify other sources of funding if possible.
  • where possible, take appropriate action to complete the existing learning programme.
  • close the learning programme where possible at its earliest opportunity.

All actions would be undertaken with our any prejudice to the existing enrolled learners and/or staff.

Contracts clearly state the conditions of termination and recovery of ESFA funding in the case of any parties withdrawing from delivery/subcontract arrangement.

How and when the policy is communicated to and discussed with current and potential subcontractors

During the subcontractor qualification and engagement stage, LCBT’s approach and procedures in relation to subcontracting are discussed and reviewed with potential subcontractors. This is further reinforced during the contract negotiation stage and reinforced on a regular basis during subcontracting period.

Timing for policy review

LCBTs subcontracting policy is reviewed on an annual basis at a senior management level. Last review of the policy was conducted on the 16th July 2019. The next review will be scheduled for July 2020.

Where is the policy published

This is the Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy which is on the LCBT website. The policy can be copied and/or printed download here.