Reasons to complete your personal trainer qualifications

Fitness and wellness are major trends today and the industries that support them continue to thrive. Exercise has a key role to play in both, and that’s why so many people today are looking for support and guidance when it comes to establishing a routine that works for them. If you’re considering this industry as […]

Fun facts about fingernails

Some of us paint them, some cut them short and barely notice them while others take a lot of pride in growing them as long as possible. Most of us have 10 fingernails spread across both of our hands but how often do we really think about how they grow and function? These fun facts […]

LCBT Students Discuss Why They Chose the Beauty Industry on the BBC

The beauty industry is worth millions, with the lash business seeing a recent boom. Our amazing students recently spoke to the BBC about why they chose to pursue a career in the beauty industry. To learn more about how you can quality as a Lash Technician and become one of those high earners, head over […]