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Returning to College – 8th March – Information for all regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

3rd March 2021 : 03:22pm, by admin

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3rd March 2021 : 4:00pm

Dear parents, carers and students of LCBT,

We are so delighted to be re-opening for all groups from Monday 8th March, and very much look forward to welcoming learners back to College.  

We will be operating a phased return to full College opening for at least the first two weeks.  This means that all learners will come to College for at least one of their planned college days each week.  Your child’s lecturer will be in touch shortly to confirm which of the planned days they will be expected in to College and the plan for that day.

Start and end times of the college day have been set to allow learners to travel to and from College outside of peak hours to avoid congestion.  We have also staggered start and end times, and also break times to ensure that learners can arrive and leave the College safely and move around the building maintaining social distancing.

Maintaining social distancing within the college building, as well as increased hygiene and cleaning as well as continuing with temperature checks on arrival will help to maintain a safe environment whilst in College.

We have been able to operate throughout this last year following the guidelines to ensure a Covid safe environment, and are confident we will be able to continue to do so over the coming weeks as the UK starts to open again.

All learners have done amazingly well over this incredibly difficult period, but we are mindful that some learners will require some additional support in some areas that have been covered during the time working remotely.  Each learner will have an individual learning plan which is discussed with their lecturer, and we will be putting in place additional support sessions for those that need it.  If you feel that your child needs some additional support, please ask them to discuss this with their lecturer, or please do reach out to set up a meeting.

Courses will be extended to allow all learners to progress and feel confident with all practical areas of study.  We know that some learners will be keen to finish as soon as possible and some will feel they need extra time and practise.  The team at LCBT are working to ensure that all learners receive the support they need to qualify to a high standard. 

The LCBT job shop is available to all learners past and present to help secure work experience and employment once completed.  Having spoken to many of the brands during lockdown, I know there will be many opportunities for employment as industry starts to open up again to the public.

It is very important that during this time we are mindful of the guidelines and that all learners notify us should they experience any symptoms.  Detailed guidance of what to do if you or anyone in your household experiences symptoms and is required to take a test and isolate is attached to this letter.  Please notify us as soon as possible at if your child or anyone in your household experiences any symptoms.

Please find links below to documents which need to be read by return learners that include the following information:

CLICK HERE FOR – COVID 19 – Guidance for Learners

CLICK HERE FOR – Learner Guidelines for Returning to College

Additionally a short video can be found below that lets you know what learners can expect when returning to College.


If you have any questions regarding the plan to return please feel free to contact your (your child’s) lecturer.  Alternatively if you have any feedback please contact

Yours sincerely,

Christianne C de Moncayo



Covid 19 – added precautions March 2021

Start and end times

Groups have been allocated different start and end times to allow for travel outside of peak periods.  This will be reviewed after 2 weeks.  Your child’s lecturer will confirm the day and times that your child’s group will be in College.

Group times will be as follows, either: 

  • 9am-3pm
  • 9.30am-3.30pm
  • 10am-4pm

On arrival learners will have their temperatures checked by a member of our staff as an additional precaution

Group ‘bubbles’

Each group will operate as a ‘bubble’ and the planned start and end times as well as break times will reduce the opportunities for contact between groups.  As the restrictions start to relax this will in time mean that learners will have more freedom within their bubbles.


Learners are asked to wear their LCBT uniform to College, and we advise that this should be cleaned at the end of each College day.  In order to adhere to guidelines, student lockers will not be available so we ask learners to keep personal belongings to a minimum and these will be in the classroom with learners.

Wearing Masks

Learners for the first two weeks back, will be asked to wear masks throughout their time in College.  This is in order to comply with the updated Government guidance.  We understand that mask wearing can be uncomfortable for long periods of time, and this is partly the reason we have shortened the College day.  Learners will also have more breaks throughout the day to allow them to go outside and remove their masks.  Should a group be able to maintain a 2 metre distance within classrooms, lecturers will have discretion to allow students to remove masks while seated.  Full industry standard PPE will be required and used for all treatments.  This will be continually reviewed in line with the guidance. 


Following the guidance set out by the Government, there is a phased roll out of testing, and LCBT is not due to commence testing until 31st March.  We are awaiting further details of this from the Government.  The guidance is that learners should wear masks while in College and if not able to maintain 2 metres social distance.  We will communicate with you as soon as we have further instruction on testing.  

Treatments and salon

We know that learners and staff are keen to get going with all practical training.  For the first week from 8th March, learners will be able to perform practical treatments within their bubble, with no external clients permitted.  All treatments which allow for both therapist and learner model to wear masks will be permitted.  This therefore means that no facial treatments will be allowed in the first week.  We will continue to monitor guidance around this and will relax the requirement for the model to wear a mask as soon as we can.

For the time being the salon will remain closed to the public and all external clients, however we will ensure that all learners complete all necessary practical training and assessments necessary for their course.

If you have any questions regarding the plan to return please feel free to contact your child’s lecturer.  Alternatively if you have any feedback please contact

Cleaning of the College and equipment 

Thorough cleaning schedules and logs will continue to be in place for the whole College, both during the College day and after. The LCBT will have a deep clean before the full re-opening, and regularly ongoing . 

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