LCBT – College Update

LCBT – College Update – Returning to College – 4th January 2022

4th January 2022 : 12:11pm, by admin


Updated: 4th January 2022 : 9:00pm

Dear students, parents and guardians, 

I hope you have had a good holiday season, and that you and your family are all well. I know many will have been affected by the recent Omicron wave and truly hope that in 2022 we see an end to the Covid pandemic. 

You will have seen in the news that the Government is now asking all Colleges to implement facemasks in all classrooms. We had already asked that all learners wear masks in communal areas and this was in addition to wearing masks and PPE within practical treatments as this is a mandated requirement for industry. Unfortunately, we will now need to ask learners in the short term to wear masks in all lessons. We will try to minimise this by relaxing the rules in classrooms where we can maintain a distance between learners and where there is maximum ventilation. We know this is difficult and that many learners will find this uncomfortable, but we hope this will just be for a short time period. For any learners that have difficulties with mask wearing, please notify your lecturer so that reasonable adjustments can be made. 

Just as a reminder the Government is asking all learners to take a lateral flow test prior to returning to College. These were given to all learners in the last week of term. Please do ask your young person to take the test and inform us if they test positive at 

Again I hope these are short term measures and we will relax them as soon as we are able. In the meantime, we look forward to the start of the year which will be filled with exciting college practical work, enrichment events and activities which is what we love to do. The enrichment team also have a list of fantastic work placement opportunities and part time jobs which can be undertaken whilst studying, and all learners can contact to find more information and apply. We remain very much focused on ensuring that all learners have a positive and rewarding experience of their time with us and supporting them in to their dream jobs and career success. 

With all good wishes

Christianne C de Moncayo



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