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Must Know Facts about Eyebrow Threading

15th November 2019 : 03:31pm, by admin

Of all the effective hair removal techniques, eyebrow threading is probably one of the least well known. This gentle and efficient way to shape and tidy brows actually has its origins in historic beauty practices that go back centuries in Asia. Threading uses a cotton or polyester thread that is doubled and twisted and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair to remove it. Rows of hair are removed in one go and at the follicle level. If you’re considering threading for your eyebrows then these are the essential facts that you need to know.


The pain level of threading is often put forward as a reason that some people avoid the treatment. However, the sensation is more one of mild discomfort than pain – especially when compared to a more aggressive treatment like waxing. If you want to find out how threading feels before committing to a treatment you can ask your therapist to demonstrate on the hair on another area of your body, such as the back of your hand.


As a hair removal technique threading is incredibly effective and will remove even the shortest hairs. It provides complete control over the shaping of brows so that you can achieve the precise aesthetic you’re looking for. Hairs can be threaded individually or in rows, giving you a sharp finish and a clean look when it comes to brow definition.


Only the hair is removed during the process of threading and your skin remains untouched. As a result, any irritation from the treatment is minimal – often, non-existent. This is one reason why it is not a painful process to go through. It also means that eyebrow threading is ideal even for those who have sensitive skin.


Eyebrow threading is very effective and removes even the smallest hairs, which some other techniques – such as tweezing – will not be able to do. It’s a method that enables you to get full value from every treatment, ensuring that there are no stray hairs left behind and that your brows are shaped exactly as you want them to be. As even the smallest hairs are all removed in one go it can be four to five weeks before you need to return to have your eyebrows threaded once again.


As it doesn’t cause irritation and is very effective, threading is a great option for hair removal on visible skin. It can be particularly useful on other areas of the face, as well as the eyebrows. Threading can also be used on both men and women and is very effective for both.

If you’ve never had an eyebrow threading treatment before but you’re looking for great brow definition and a low maintenance option then it might be time to try this ancient technique. Eyebrow threading is a simple and effective way to get the shaping you want – and ensure that it lasts.

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