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LCBT @ The #RewritingTheCode Launch

17th March 2017 : 01:39pm, by admin

LCBT hosted a table at the launch of the new #RewritingTheCode campaign on International Women’s Day 2017.

The #RewritingTheCode campaign launched by children’s charity Theirworld, for vulnerable girls and young women, questions gender stereotypes and asks leaders to take opportunities to rewrite the cultural codes that hide beneath the surface of our daily lives, shaping our experiences and holding back young women and girls from realising their full potential.

Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld, hosted the event bringing together leaders from across the world of business, media and the arts to provide insight into the Code Clubs; set up for young women and girls as part of the #RewritingTheCode campaign which will offer a safe space for girls to learn coding, foster their creative thinking and increase their knowledge and awareness of business and health-related knowledge which will transform their lives.

Christianne Cavaliere de Moncayo LCBT CEO, and advisory Board member of Theirworld, hosted a table at the event inviting Beauty Industry leaders to challenge embedded stereotypes within the industry and rewrite the code for girls. By making a start in the Beauty Industry to undo this code, set the example to other industries and provide skills and knowledge to young girls and women to be able to grow and become leaders, we are changing the prejudice to make the world an equal place.

To support the #RewriteTheCode campaign and add your voice go to


Pictured in attendance: Caroline Neville (President CEW) Susan Taylor (Chairman My Showcase), Caroline Hirons (Beauty blogger), Tracey Woodward (CEO Aromatherapy Associates), Vasiliki Petrou (VP Unilever and Chairman CEW), Nancy Cruikshank (Founder My Showcase), Christianne Cavaliere (CEO LCBT), Jonathan Shaw (CEO Policy Connect, Skills Commission)

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