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LCBT – Principal’s Update – Working through Lockdown

15th January 2021 : 02:21pm, by admin



Updated: 15th January 2020 : 5:00pm

Dear parents/guardians and learners of LCBT,

We have now had our second week of working remotely, and it is great to see such high attendance and commitment across groups.  This time is really important as it allows your child [or you, the learner] to progress with all the areas that can be taught and assessed while remote, so that when we are back together again in College we can focus on the practical and technical aspects of the course that can only be done in person.  We very much hope that is soon.

This week all learners will have been sent a feedback form to complete by their lecturer.  Please do feedback any comments by answering the questions as soon as possible.  This feedback really helps us to make sure everyone gets the best learning experience possible, allowing to find out what is working really well, and to change quickly anything which we can improve on.

We know that those who have maths and English GCSEs this year will be anxiously waiting to hear how the GCSEs will take place this year.  As soon as we have more information on this we will share it with you.  However, it is really important that everyone attends their classes and completes all set work.  In last year’s GCSEs where grades were proposed by lecturers, Colleges were asked to look at all information available to them, and not just at mock grades.  Please encourage your child to attend, and work hard in their lessons and ask for any additional help where necessary.  If GCSEs follow the same format as last year, this is very important.

We know this is a challenging time for many, and lockdown can be difficult.  Lecturers will be covering such areas as mental health and anxiety, safe internet use within sessions.  If anyone is experiencing any difficulties please contact

Finally please do follow some of the amazing work some of our learners have been showcasing on Instagram @thelcbt showing incredible passion and creativity.  We are also hosting some live sessions with industry experts where they can get tips and advice for when they are working in industry.  We also have a free yoga session, with yoga expert Alice Lim , every Friday at 12pm that learners can join via their Microsoft Teams account.

I wish you well over the coming weeks and look forward to welcoming learners back to college soon.

All best wishes

Christianne C de Moncayo


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