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LCBT, Lockdown and Remote Learning

11th January 2021 : 01:51pm, by admin

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Listen and read LCBT’s students’ views of LCBT, lockdown and remote learning.


“Hey everyone, my name is Ellie Birch, I’m currently studying Level 2 Hair & Media makeup at LCBT. Due to the pandemic at the moment, I’m currently studying at home, however this hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my future career path thanks to my lecturer, Yasmin Brown as well as the college.

My class has begun learning online, with different links and example work to replicate tasks I have to complete myself. Although it’s a shame we cannot attend in person, LCBT has ensured that I’m still able to do what I would usually do in person with set practical’s & regular check-ins on zoom. We’ve even had set work based on mental health which is honestly amazing! As during times like this it’s so so important to support and help others.

Hopefully we can get back to some sort of normality soon! I’d also like to thank the college for being so supportive. :)”

Ellie Birch – V022 – Level 2 – Hair & Media Makeup



photo of Juan-Jose-Tenorio


“The transition from in-person to virtual has been a difficult process as we are part of a very practical course being Health and Fitness.
This drastic change has been very easy to accept due to the great communication our tutor Sandra has given us, ensuring we are all comfortable, know what tasks we have to fulfil and keeping mentally well during this whole pandemic.

We are doing classes on teams, which is easily accessible as we get notified when lessons are due to begin and our tutor always notifies us in advance when we are schedule to meet and what tasks should be completed by then.

This has allowed me to stay organised as the firm structure has created a foundation for me to Learn, Indulge, Socialise and achieve my goals.

Juan-Jose Tenorio – V026 – Level 2 – Health & Fitness


Lucy Thomas hair and makeup


“I am studying level 3 hair and media makeup. I am currently studying at home due to the pandemic.

We have been using teams as a way of communication for morning and afternoon meetings as well as set work which once we have completed we attach to the assignment. Because of how bad the pandemic is getting I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I won’t be putting my family at risk by travelling through London, and am finding the remote learning really good.

I’m a lucky enough to be able to have the technology I need to complete my work so am not struggling with that side of things, and find that my lecturer roe has been doing a really good job at explaining the work and sending it to us straight after to read through so it’s easy to complete and send to her on time.

Lucy Thomas – V038 – Level 3 – Hair & Media Make-up


Photo of Natasha Taylor


“Hi everyone my name is Natasha Taylor. I am currently studying Beauty Therapy Level 2 at LCBT.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we all have no other choice but to continue our studying and classes at home remotely using Teams.

For most people this hasn’t been an easy transition but thanks to our lecture Dionne Bennett she has made learning still enjoyable as well as keeping us on track be setting daily tasks as well as assignments, sheets to fill out and even practical work that we are able to complete at home and because of this having to do work at home doesn’t seem so boring and pointless, I am just grateful that I am still able to peruse my goals and career path all thanks to the college.

At times like this I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their heads up hopefully everything will go back to normal soon, once again a massive thank you to the college for all the support and help we have been given.”

Natasha Taylor – V030 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


Fitness Group video chat


“Hi, we are all on the fitness course V026 studying fitness diploma @ level 2.

As a group we are really grateful that we can still all continue online, even though we would prefer to be in the gym training.

However, we still have fun talking about nutrition and how exercises affect the heart and the body systems in general.

It’s also good that we have are having homework so being able to recap what we have learnt ready for online exams which are still able to go ahead.

It has also helps in general with mental health and motivation to see each other, my tutor and remember I am still part of a group this has helped us all get through a challenging time.

Thank you to our tutor and the college for keeping it all going.

V026 – The Level 2 Health & Fitness Group


“Hello, my name is Isabelle and I am currently studying Level 3 Technical Diploma in Special Effects as well as Media Make Up & Hair with my tutor Yasmin. 

Whilst on Level 2 of my course we had to work remotely due to Covid19.

Due to the help of the college technology and online learning tools we were still able to do the things that we would have done at college just at home. 

Our tutor guided us through the process. We did all of our practical’s at home and could either practice on ourselves or someone in our household. 

Obviously, these were stressful times for all and now we are going through them again, but if you are thinking of signing up then do.  There is no need to worry as we are supported by our tutors and they guide us through the whole process so we can continue to reach our goals.

See you soon at the college”

Isabelle Rogers – V007 – Level 3 – Advanced Technical Diploma in Theatrical, SFX & Media Makeup Artistry


“Hello, my name is Jasmine Bozorgmanesh-Fard and I am currently studying level 2 beauty therapy at LCBT with help from my tutor Kim Kyei. Due to the pandemic I am now currently studying at home with online lessons and zoom classes. However, this has not stopped me from learning and wanting to pursue going on to level 3.

Thanks to the help with college and the online class work we are still able to learn and practice some of the things we have learnt in college with our kits we have from college. Due to our online resources that we get every lesson and our zoom classes we still have the opportunity to learn like we are in college with help from our tutors if needed.

Although it is a shame we cannot attend in person we are still getting our work done and the support we need from our college and tutors as they are here for us if we need anything, whether that is help with the work or to talk to.

Thank you to our college for being supportive in these tough times!” 

Jasmine Fard – V040 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


“During the current circumstances I feel a lot safer by carrying out online learning, as travelling to and from college before Christmas was starting to make me feel extremely anxious. This was because of the number of people around, on the tube, etc, some of which didn’t even stick to the guidelines. I was constantly worrying about picking something up and taking it home to my family, resulting in us all becoming sick. However, the restrictions and rules that the college put in place, such as wearing a mask in communal areas made the college experience more reassuring.

I believe that I am still learning the same amount through online learning, just without the practical time. However, I am still using purchased products and ingredients from around my house to help me improve further on my techniques. This makes my feel strongly towards online learning as it is much safer for everyone during this period.

In addition, Ruth is still delivering in depth Team meetings where she goes through PowerPoints and other resources about the topic before she sets us worksheets on it. She also sets up an additional meeting in the afternoon, where she will go through the answers and listen to any questions that we may have. Similarly, she is also extremely quick to reply to any questions that you send her through private chat during the day, including unscheduled college days making this experience a lot easier for everyone.”

Bethany Roberts – V003 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


“So far online work has been better than I thought, it’s a lot easier than travelling into central London and I’m able to work at my own speed with still the same work from Ruth if I’m struggling.

The only annoying thing about video calls is sometimes it is glitchy to load at the beginning, but once we are on the call its fine and we all have fun.

Working on the computer means all my work is in one place but it can get confusing when it comes to saving as I lost all the work I did, but Ruth was there on call to try and help with everything and taught me how to save it.

Now I have figured out how to do that online lessons it should be a lot easier to do.”

Carla Newton – V003 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


“I am currently studying Level 3 hair and media makeup at LCBT. At the moment I’m currently studying at home due to the pandemic.

We have begun learning online with different tasks which would be similar to what we would  be doing in college on that day.

We have to complete different tasks and then sending in by which the tutor would set a time for the work to be in

I feel fine doing remote for the coming weeks its  obviously not what every one wanted but we cant do anything about that .During this difficult time we had been set work on mental health which  I feel is good to talk about during this time it also good to talk to others about it.”

Patsy Dooner – V038 – Level 3 – Hair & Media Makeup


“I am very happy to say I am enjoying remote learning.

In the first lockdown I struggled with remote learning and keeping interested but this time round is very different as I am able to fill my day.

I don’t feel as though the learning theory is much different from a classroom to online and I don’t feel that I am at a disadvantage. I definitely feel more in control of my learning as I know I can go on learn upon and fill the quiz’ out (given by Pauline) independently after the lesson which helps a lot more with me remembering the theory.

Thank you.”

Ellie Thompson – V033 – Level 3 – Beauty Therapy

“Hi, my name is Freya Murphy and I am currently studying Level 2 Beauty Therapy with my lecturer Dionne Bennett.

Due to being in lockdown we have had to do our work remotely online by using teams to interact with one another. It hasn’t been the easiest start to our course the main problem being Covid but we haven’t let that affect our learning. 

It’s a shame we can not attend the college but with the support from LCBT and our amazing lecturer Dionne they are doing their best to make sure we are keeping busy, as mental health is super important during these different times. Dionne has set us work to do to keep us busy and is making sure we are making the most out of our course as best as we possibly can.

I’d like to hope we will be back to normal soon and will be able to return back to the college as swiftly as possible.

See you guys soon!”

Freya Murphy – V030 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


“I am currently studying Level 3 Hair & Media makeup at the LCBT and due to the pandemic I’m currently studying at home, but this hasn’t stoped me from doing my course and pursuing the job I want to do in the future and thats due to my lecture and all the other teachers/lectures and senior members of staff at the college that are working so hard to make sure all of their students are up to date on all their work and getting any last minute things done during this time.

My class have be learning online for the last week, but with the help of the different links and powerpoints that our lecture has given us it helps when being assigned any work that we have to complete. Even though we cannot attend college for face to face learning the college made sure that we can continue are lessons as usual but just online, and if we are struggling with any of the work our lecture is always online to answer any question regarding the work that has been set.

We have even done work around mental and physical health which is really important in a time like this, and I think it is good to learn about it so that we understand and be able to help people that might be suffering from mental health and to also to keep ourselves healthy.

I hope that we can eventually get back to normal, and back into classrooms doing face to face learning, and thank you to all the staff at the LCBT for their hard work to make sure all us students are still doing well in our course.”

Isabella Parkin – V038 – Level 3 – Hair & Media Makeup


“As we can’t be in college, we have been having video calls, which I enjoy because we still get to interact with each other even though we aren’t in college.

We get set work to do throughout the day and we have video calls to go through the work together.

We can always message our lecturer if we have any questions or if we need help or support.

We have also been having some enrichments, which I have really been enjoying. My favourite was the talk about turning lash artistry into a business.

The enrichments have been very inspiring and helpful.”

Chanel Frazer – V003 – Level 2 – Beauty Therapy


“My name is Jasmine Casanovas. I am currently studying Level 3 Beauty Therapy. This is my second year studying at LCBT, in which my first year I studied Level 2 Beauty Therapy. My lecturer is called Rhona and she has taught me for both years.

I have been on and off remote learning since near the end of my Level 2 course. It has been a positive experience with added flexibility, self motivation and improved dedication.

I find it has motivated me in getting into a routine over lockdown with encouraging me to get up early and started the day but knowing this can be a tough time for many, the LCBT lecturers make the effort to ensure that all pupils are looked after.”

Jasmine Casanovas – V009 – Level 3 – Beauty Therapy


“My name is Sam Beeton, I am currently studying level 3 beauty therapy.

I am working part time and doing college work online on Monday and Tuesdays. I am finding doing it online good as i find i can concentrate a bit better. I am getting good support from my tutor and getting the tasks done. But i am looking forward to coming back to college.”

Sam Beeton – V009 – Level 3 – Beauty Therapy



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