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Do’s and Don’ts for Autumn/Winter Makeup

19th December 2019 : 03:39pm, by admin

Makeup choices tend to be very individual. However, just like our wardrobes, makeup looks also shift as the seasons do – and there are some common themes that emerge at this time of year. If you struggle to get to grips with what to do – or not do – during Autumn/Winter when it comes to makeup these top tips will help provide some guidance.


  • Don’t opt for light, bright lip colours. In particular, a coral or pink toned red lipstick will look particularly out of place at this time of year. Most of us shift towards wearing darker coloured clothes in the colder months and this just doesn’t work with summery shades of red.
  • Do choose a rich, dark red or berry lip colour instead. Deep red, maroon, burgundy or even a lipstick with a slight blackberry tone are all great options in Autumn/Winter. They work well with many skin tones, including those where the summer tan has faded, and can be a great option for making a statement with just mascara and eyeliner to compliment.
  • Don’t keep applying bronzer. For many skin tones, bronzer really doesn’t work at this time of year and applying it will make it difficult to create any kind of subtlety in your look without some serious fake tan underneath.
  • Do look for the perfect pink. Rose pink blusher is a great alternative to bronzer for many skin tones at this time of year, as it mirrors the colour of cold, flushed skin. The right shade of blusher can bring some colour to your cheeks if you’re feeling a little washed out and makes everyone look a little healthier.
  • Don’t opt for neon nails. This bright tone looks great in the summer but just doesn’t work in winter light or against winter colour palettes and skin tones.
  • Do find more muted nail colours to work with in winter. Darker reds and black are classic choices at this time of year but if you’re looking for something a bit different there are lots of options out there. Greys, nudes or grey blues are a good choice and metallics and sparkling polishes are ideal if you’re keen to be festive.
  • Don’t look for rainbow brights when it comes to eyeshadow. Summer is the season for rainbow looks and for bold, bright colours that might be challenging to pull off.
  • Do appreciate the value of the metallic eyeshadow. A strong smoky eye is a great winter staple and you can vary this with the application of metallic eyeshadow. Bronze or copper work particularly well at this time of year and look just as good during the day as for evening festivities too.
  • Don’t choose a daring eyeliner. For example, you might be tempted by an electric blue or a searing purple. However, this just doesn’t work at this time of year. If you want to experiment then try metallics such a bold gold liner.
  • Do stay loyal to kohl. Black eyeliner is great all year round but tends to be particularly effective in the winter. From defined flicks through to smoky smudges it works in many different ways.

Adjusting makeup for the new season is as logical as evolving your wardrobe – these key dos and don’ts will ensure that you get it right.

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