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Christmas Ideal Home Show 2022

14th December 2022 : 09:52am, by Sammie Jasmine Mills


With the run up to Christmas our students had the pleasure and great opportunity to participate in experience at the Ideal Home Show Christmas at Olympia completing complimentary treatments to the attendees of the event.

We were sponsored by multiple brands for the show this year as we had the great pleasure of providing Nail Treatments sponsored by Nails Inc Nail Colour by Nails.INC (

The feedback received was spectacular on behalf of the students and the products used. We are so thankful as a college to have the opportunity to work with Nails Inc and will continue to work with them in the future.

Hair Treatments which included Hair Curling and Styling and our sponsor was the incredible Fudge Professional Home | Fudge Professional

We are so thankful to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing brand to provide amazing hair styles and have the attendees of the event walking away feeling glam for the rest of the day.


Another massive thank you to one of our sponsors Benefit Benefit Cosmetics | Makeup & Beauty | Online Store

Benefit are one of our continuous sponsors within the college and we are so grateful to have such a fantastic brand sponsor the college. Our students completed mini express makeovers using the Benefit products. Showing off the beauty within everyone.

A final sponsor we had for this year were Ultra Sun and Skin Sense SkinSense – Modern, effective, logical skincare – SkinSense Ltd  Ultrasun UK

Our students used their products to complete mini cleanses before completing makeovers. Our students have enjoyed trialling the products and had a great experience at the show.

The members of the public who had a treatment with us, we are thankful for all your generosity by tipping our students and we hope to see you all again at the next show!



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