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Spring Make Up Trends for 2020

14th January 2020 : 12:49pm, by admin

You may already have felt it in the air – spring is coming. As we move further towards the warmer months of the year the impact on beauty trends is being widely felt. The colours and styles of winter are giving way to spring shades and new ideas that could inspire you to change your aesthetic with the arrival of this fresh season. These are some of the most intriguing spring make up trends for 2020.

  • Neon flicks. Everyone loves a perfect winged eyeliner – make yours stand out in 2020 by doing it with brights instead of black. Use neon green, orange or yellow liquid liner to achieve the ideal shape and impact. If you don’t want to use colour then try a white liner instead.
  • Liner that leaves the lash line. Conventional beauty style says that eyeliner belongs on the lash line – but not this year. If you want to do something different then draw the line, in any colour, across your lid instead. Add shapes and curves for a distinctive look.
  • Upgrading the smoky eye. Winter is the season for the smoky eye but if you’re keen to continue this trend into spring then all you need to do is add a metallic shade – such as silver – in a sweep on top.
  • Embellished eyes. No matter what your make up preferences, you can easily integrate this trend into your look – simply stick embellishment on over your existing make up. From stars to rainbows and crystals there are lots of options to choose from.
  • Ombre eyes. You may have indulged in ombre hair a few years ago and now this shading trend has made its way onto the face too. Pick two colours with complimentary tones, start with one on the inside of your eyelid and gradually fade into the other as you work your way out.
  • All the blues. Shades of blue are a big trend for eyes for this season, in particular a deep sapphire or a fun pastel blue.
  • A simple, straightforward red. The shade for this season is a bold cherry red, uncompromising and worn without any fuss. Minimal eye make up, clean skin and statement brows complete the look. This season’s red is a matte shade so make sure you exfoliate lips first.
  • All over glossy. As seen on some of the highest fashion catwalks, one of the big make up trends for 2020 is gloss. When we say use it everywhere, we mean everywhere – skin, eyelids, cheeks and lips all get the sheen treatment this season.
  • Dark lips. Another winter beauty trend has traditionally been dark lips, especially a deep berry shade. For spring 2020 you can continue to indulge your inner Goth and combine deep red lips with neutral fashion to really make sure you stand out.
  • The new millennial pink is… purple! Indulge one of the season’s biggest make up trends and apply it underneath the lower lash line.

These spring 2020 make up trends provide plenty of opportunity to get creative and embrace a fresh season and a new style.

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