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LCBT Student Jessie Hickmott Winning Kryolan Halloween Competition

17th November 2022 : 10:11am, by Sammie Jasmine Mills

LCBT would like to start off by congratulating one of our incredible Level 3 Hair and Media students Jessie Grace Hickmott. She decided she wanted to take herself out of her comfort zone and entered Kryolan’s Halloween Competition as it is one of her favourite brands. Jessie was one of 160 entries for the competition. She went on to create over 25 makeup looks throughout October.

We asked Jessie to give us a bit more of an insight, so over to you Jessie –

I chose to participate in the Kryolan Halloween Competition because it is my favourite brand, being a perfect mix between special effects and beauty. They emphasized on wanting ‘original’ makeup looks which made me want to design something more out there, leading to this bold eye look!

It was inspired by a statue by Dominic Holmes, this look took me around 5hours. I found shading the details on my face to be the most difficult part, especially shading the teeth to try and create dimension. I loved painting the eye as eyes are my favourite thing to draw, and it shows here as I think that’s the part of this look, I love the most. It definitely turned out to be one of my favourite designs from October.

I didn’t enter with the thought of winning, I just entered because of my love for makeup and because it pushed me to create something out of my comfort zone. When I received the email from Kryolan informing me that I had won, I was very happy. I came first out of 160 entries. For winning the competition I received £100 worth of makeup of my choice, and a £200 one day workshop in the Kryolan store.

The Eye

Along with my entry look, I created multiple looks throughout October and this Red ‘She Devil’

I had never created a look like this before and at first struggled with the symmetry, it did take me a few retakes, however, I am glad I worked through it as this look turned out to be one of my favourites to create.

‘She Devil’

Another design that I created, I first did in college last year 2021 for Halloween and I recreated it this year and hadn’t realised how much my skills had improved until I had put both images side by side. My eyebrows are more well covered, the colours are more prominent, and I used more shading. I also loved walking round college with this on as I had a lot of compliments.

Overall, I am very happy with all the looks that I have created, and I will continue to work on my skills and push myself out of my comfort zone.

‘Heart Skull’

Thank you LCBT for the support!

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