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Inner City Retreats at LCBT

20th September 2017 : 02:45pm, by admin

Working alongside world renowned and celebrity-loved mindfulness coach Terrence the Teacher, we have developed various Inner City Retreats coming to LCBT over the next few months.

“Finding Happiness has always been a goal for most of us. The reality is that it has eluded most of us for a very long time. Going from one place to another, attaining objects, achieving goals to finding love, making friends and various relationship. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, always just always out of our reach.

Mindfulness could just have the answers. The definition says, to focus in the present moment, on purpose, non-judgementally. The principal being to just be present, right here, right now. So instead of trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, to JUST APPRECIATE AND ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF THE RAINBOW. Right in that moment being happy for that experience.

As a technique Mindfulness could change your life forever. Proven to change the brain which meant change how you experience life in general. Happiness, relaxation, focus, enhanced creativity, boosted immunity and even pain management are known benefits from the practice.

All you would have to do is breathe. Yes, you heard me correctly. Breathing is the main ingredient to this almost magical opportunity. Simple and always available. Curious??? Join us on the 25th of November and come see for yourself.

Now, take a deep breath and make that decision. Mindfulness changed my life and I would like to share it with you.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.”

Terrence the Teacher

The next Inner City Retreat will be held at LCBT on Saturday 25th November, costing just £55pp. Terrence will deliver a popular talk on Mindfulness and how you can be more mindful in your everyday. Each “retreater” will receive a treatment of their choice; either a Dermalogica or Yon Ka luxury facial, or an OPI mani pedi (gel nails available).

To find out more call our Salon on 0207 208 1300 or email

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