£295.00 (inc. VAT)

Duration: 2 Days
Start Time: 9:00am
Finish Time: 5:00pm
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Explore how to create the basic yet eccentric drag make-up look. Channel your creative side by using a variety of make-up techniques and current industry trends. Exaggerate, enhance and create those glamorous looks!

The LCBT Professional Drag Make-up workshop will help you explore how to create the basic yet eccentric drag make-up look. You will be able to channel your creative side by using a variety of current industry trends. You will learn how to create exaggerated brows to enhancing glamorous features using different colour trends and techniques.

Entry Requirements

You will be required to have basic application skills in day make-up and be required to self-apply make-up looks.

Minimum age is 16.


Training Cost

£295 (inc. VAT)


A training kit will be available to use over the 2 days enabling you to complete the course.

You will also receive a basic brush set to keep, use and practice the techniques taught on the course at home. You can also bring your own kits to use on the course.

Course Outline

The two day training course will combine knowledge and practice demonstrations covering the knowledge and techniques of professional drag make-up techniques.

You will learn about practical application of professional drag make-up, and enhance your skills and knowledge to create your ideal drag make-up look. This together with a range make-up techniques and trends allow you to explore your creative side and build your confidence in the creation of professional drag looks ranging from glamorous to the flamboyant!

Topics Covered

  • Exploring trends in Professional Drag makeup
  • Pigments and colour
  • Brow blocking
  • Brow product application
  • Enhancing features with contouring and highlighting techniques


  • Trainees will be provided with a LCBT accredited Professional Drag Make-up Certificate after completing the three days of training.
  • No case studies are required.
  • Certification is from The London College of Beauty Therapy and does not come under any awarding body.

Additional Information/FAQ

What do I need to bring?

Students are asked to attend fresh faced with minimal makeup. Black clothing with black closed-toe shoes. Students do not need to bring anything else with them, other than pen/paper to take notes if required.

You should not be wearing any nail varnish or jewellery and long hair must be tied up.

If you wish to bring your own make-up product range and tools to use, you can do so.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at people wanting to learn Professional Drag makeup techniques to increase their skills and knowledge.