JB214 Cruise Ship Fitness/Personal Trainer- London Wellness Academy

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The Personal Trainer is employed to lead classes and perform Personal Training sessions on board. They are fitness professionals with extensive experience in the fitness field. The Personal Trainer must be knowledgeable of all fitness offerings at the spa, hold current certifications, and have at least one (1) years’ experience. Excellent communication skills are required in order to provide the highest quality environment and instruction that will meet the needs of our guests in the area of health and exercise.


Candidates must have level 3 qualifications. Resistance Weights qualification such as BAWLA, or NABBA or an international equivalent will be accepted. Experience in teaching yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, or Thai Chi is a plus.


Once you have submitted your application, it will be sent to the recruiter or agent who operates in your region. They will review the CV and make contact with you if you qualify for the position.

When they connect with you, they will give you additional information and arrange a day and time for an interview.


Your recruiter will conduct your interview either in person through a group interview or via Skype (personal interview or group). Our interviews include the following steps:

  1.  A company presentation, providing you with insight on life at London Wellness Academy  and on board ships. This presentation will take approximately one hour
  2. You will provide a 3-5-minute presentation about yourself
  3. You will complete a practical assessment of your skills


If your interview is successful, your Recruiter/Agent will request you join the London Wellness Academy. To prepare for training you will need the following:

  1. C1D visa
  2. Other visa, if required
  3. Medical
  4. Police check
  5. Pre-training online – This information will be provided by your Recruiter/Agent, and they will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Now you are ready to join the Academy where you will be taught the skills and processes that will help you on your journey on-board and in the future.

Generally, training is a 3 week programme;  however, this may be longer or shorter depending on your profession and which cruise line assignment.


Before your training is completed you will be assigned the cruise line and specific ship you will be joining. You will be given full details about where you will be joining this ship, and we will pay for your flight to that location. You will then start your first, of hopefully many, contracts.


Job Category: Fitness

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