Must Know Facts About Eyebrow Threading

Of all the effective hair removal techniques, eyebrow threading is probably one of the least well known. This gentle and efficient way to shape and tidy brows actually has its origins in historic beauty practices that go back centuries in Asia. Threading uses a cotton or polyester thread that is doubled and twisted and then […]

4 Important Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures

For those not in the know, manicures and pedicures often fall into the category of ‘pampering.’ Although it’s often very enjoyable to have your nails done there are some good reasons why this should be more than just the occasional luxury experience. There are actually a number of benefits to regularly investing in manicures and […]

What Is an Aesthetic Practitioner?

If you want to work in the UK beauty industry, the role of Aesthetic Practitioner could be ideal. This is a sector that has been expanding at a fast pace and there are a vast range of different opportunities today for anyone who is looking to train in this area. Working as an Aesthetic Practitioner […]


LCBT are proud to present a selection of wellness events from our partners and wellbeing experts Aromatherapy Associates. Join us on the following dates to learn about how you can introduce aromatherapy into your life: Thursday 24th January 2019 –  Aromatherapy for re-energising Essential oils have the ability to lift the mood and enhance our […]

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Jing Advance Massage Workshop

LCBT and JING will be hosting a workshop on Advance massage and the Level 6 Clinical massage courses. This will give you a taster in to what ACMT is and the next steps on booking a course. Workshop Date: Friday 25th May from 1pm to 4pm Cost of workshop: £10 Fix in Six! Getting results […]