Fun facts about fingernails

Some of us paint them, some cut them short and barely notice them while others take a lot of pride in growing them as long as possible. Most of us have 10 fingernails spread across both of our hands but how often do we really think about how they grow and function? These fun facts about fingernails provide a little insight into this essential, but often unnoticed, body part.

  • Artificial nails were invented in 1954. However, this isn’t the first moment in history that they have been worn. There is evidence that women were wearing long artificial nails as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Ming Dynasty in China.
  • The fingernails on our hands grow at different rates. Thumbnails tend to be the biggest and also grow the slowest while the fingernails on our middle fingers grow at the fastest rate.
  • What happens to your fingernails after you die? Well, contrary to the many rumours on the subject your fingernails don’t actually continue to grow. They stop, just like most other body parts, once your heart is no longer pumping.
  • Men’s fingernails tend to grow at a faster rate than women’s – in theory at least. In fact, the person with the longest recorded fingernails was a man. American Melvin Boothe had grown his fingernails to the length of 9.85m when they were measured in 2009.
  • Plenty of women have also grown their nails long though. American Lee Redmond grew her fingernails to 8.65m, which took 20 years. Unfortunately, shortly after having them measured she lost the record breaking nails in a car accident.
  • Your fingernails grow much more quickly than your toenails. If you were ever to try to measure the rate of growth you’d find that your fingernails were achieving about 1cm every 100 days.
  • Fingernails respond to the sun. If you live in a hot country then your fingernails are likely to grow faster – and if your location is affected by seasons then they will grow more quickly in summer than winter.
  • You’re unlikely to wake up with much longer nails. That’s because fingernails will do more of their growing during the daytime than nighttime hours.
  • There are lots of different ways people try to encourage fingernail growth, from changing your diet to taking supplements. Typing on a keyboard has also been found to have a stimulating impact on the growth of these nails.
  • Fingernails respond to hand use. That’s why you’ll find that the nails on your dominant hand grow more quickly than those on your non-dominant hand.
  • Although we have millions of sweat glands around our bodies you won’t find any on your fingernails. Because there are no sweat glands on your fingernails you’ll never see them glisten, unlike other areas like your face or underarms.

Fingernails are a small but essential part of the human body – and one that has plenty of decorative potential, from fake nails to coloured nail varnish. As these fun facts show they are also quite an unusual body part too.

LCBT Students Discuss Why They Chose the Beauty Industry on the BBC

The beauty industry is worth millions, with the lash business seeing a recent boom. Our amazing students recently spoke to the BBC about why they chose to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

To learn more about how you can quality as a Lash Technician and become one of those high earners, head over to our CPD page where you will find more information on the courses we offer.

To read the full story on the BBC website, click here.


The BBC came into LCBT college recently and filmed one of our level 2 Hair and Media groups who had a lesson on climate change and the cosmetics industry. They used the recycling that was collected around the college and have created some interesting hairstyling looks, using a variety of material. This was to create awareness that more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable.

Some of the class also took part in a BBC 3 debate around the student strike day that was held on the 15th February.


On Tuesday 12th February, we had the pleasure of welcoming our Brazilian colleagues from Senac who enjoyed a tour of our college, meeting the students and experiencing a treatment in our commercial salon. We look forward to possible partnership opportunities with them in the future.


The London College of Beauty Therapy is excited to announce that they have been approved as a proud partner of the University of Derby.
In response to the major skills shortage predicted globally in the spa and wellness sectors, LCBT will be offering the University of Derby’s International Spa Management Foundation Degree, from September 2018 at their flagship training facility in Central London.

LCBT together with the Spa and Wellness academics from the University of Derby, fully complement one another to offer a unique synergy. London College of Beauty Therapy has been training high quality professionals for salons and spas for over 23 years, and the University of Derby with their incredible facilities at the Devonshire Spa, were the first to launch degrees in International Spa Management and Wellness Management.

This course equips graduates with all the theoretical knowledge, technical skills, practical experience and professional attitudes they need to succeed in supervisory roles in the sector. It gives a thorough understanding of the spa environment from every angle, with a strong international dimension running throughout. Students learn not only about treatments and therapies but also about managing people, business strategy, marketing, communications, sales and promotions to maximise their career opportunities. Research skills deepen students’ insights into the industry too.

For more information contact