7 Advantages of Attending a Beauty College

If you’re considering enrolling in a beauty college in London or around the UK, then you’re in a great position. There are many reasons why you should go ahead and sign up for that beauty therapy apprenticeship, or enrol in beauty therapy courses for adults, whether you’re coming straight from school, or simply embarking on a new career path later on in life.

The best thing you can do is to choose a course at a college that is a good fit for you, and will help you on the path you’re aiming for. If you’re still not sure if now is the right time for you, here are just 7 advantages of attending a beauty college.

1 – Grow your creative skills

The right beauty college will teach you the skills and techniques you need to grow your creative skills. From starter make up courses through to more specialised media make up courses, you can find what your area of interest is. Experimenting with different techniques and ideas can help you find your own ideas, grow your skills, and discover what you love and are good at.

2 – Personal happiness

Going to Beauty College can boost your confidence and help you to meet lifelong friends, with shared interests. You can also try out your newly-learned techniques on each-other and yourselves, which can make everyone feel great about themselves. Confidence on the outside often translates into confidence on the inside!

3 – Start on your career path

One of the best things about attending a beauty college is knowing that you’re starting off on your way to your new career. Whether it’s a nail course, or even spa management or fitness, you can begin your new journey alongside others who can shape your future and direct you into a great career.

4 – Have fun!

There’s nothing better than doing what you love every day, and attending a beauty college can allow you to do just that. The world of beauty can be a lot of fun, whilst giving you the satisfaction of succeeding in your course. If you want to enjoy each day that you’re learning and eventually in your beauty career, then Beauty College is the place to begin.

5 – Learn to work in a team

Learning alongside others in the same position as you is a fantastic way to learn to work effectively as part of team, which is something you’ll often have to do when working in the beauty sector. You can support each other and learn from each other’s mistakes, which can help you to grow more than on your own.

6 – Practical knowledge and development

Beauty College teaches you a whole range of skills, from the practical application of makeup through to the customer services and interpersonal skills you will need to build good client relationships. This gives you a strong foundation for your career, and gives students confidence in the college environment before they step out onto their own path.

7 – Greater recognition and a head start

Studying at a well-known or renowned Beauty College is a great way to get recognition as soon as you’ve finished studying and are ready to work. Having the name of a great Beauty College like LCBT behind you will help potential clients to immediately recognise your skills and give you a head start in the industry.

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LCBT Students Discuss Why They Chose the Beauty Industry on the BBC

The beauty industry is worth millions, with the lash business seeing a recent boom. Our amazing students recently spoke to the BBC about why they chose to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

To learn more about how you can quality as a Lash Technician and become one of those high earners, head over to our CPD page where you will find more information on the courses we offer.

To read the full story on the BBC website, click here.

Benefits of flexible learning for adults

Learning is something that we often associate with our younger years, whether that’s school or university. However, there are benefits to continuing to learn all the way through life and it’s possible to create new opportunities at any stage. Flexible learning for adults provides a way to continue to evolve, at every age and no matter what other pressures exist in life. Thanks to developments in technology, it’s possible to design learning around lifestyle and find the best way to learn for each individual. There are a range of benefits for adults who engage with learning in this way, including:

Broadening skills and abilities

Learning is something that can be incredibly satisfying but may also serve a very practical purpose at any age. New skills and abilities can be used to help support a career change, for example, or to lay the foundations for a promotion at work. For anyone looking to move into a managerial role, adult learning can provide valuable insights that can ease this transition. Expanding knowledge and understanding also supports a more positive and constructive approach to working life and a better understanding of other cultures and values.

Staying active and challenging the mind

Adult learning is a great way to remain engaged and focused and to keep challenging the mind. From those who are working but looking to learn something more creative or language based than an existing job allows for, to people who retired and keen to keep improving skills, there are benefits for everyone. People who are constantly learning are much less likely to feel bored or lonely. Plus, adult learning helps to reduce the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Improving confidence and well-being

Adult learning often involves getting outside of an existing comfort zone to tackle a new topic or challenge that may be unfamiliar. This is a great way to build confidence, something that will also be positively affected by expanding the limits of an existing skill set. There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that learning actually makes people happier. It can have an impact in a number of different ways, from alleviating boredom and frustration, to inspiring new plans and projects and providing the motivation to go on and tackle new challenges.

Inspiring the people around you

Everyone, from children (or grandchildren), to friends and family, partners and parents can be inspired by an adult who takes up the challenge of ongoing learning. Others can be similarly encouraged to branch out and start learning something new, to go back to school or to proactively begin expanding an existing set of skills or abilities. When it comes to younger generations, many will see the adults in their life learning and understand how important this is to development, which can have a positive impact on the motivation to get qualifications at an early age.

These are just some of the benefits of adult learning for anyone who engages with it. Technology today makes it easy to continue to evolve and grow at any age.

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Jing Advance Massage Workshop

LCBT and JING will be hosting a workshop on Advance massage and the Level 6 Clinical massage courses. This will give you a taster in to what ACMT is and the next steps on booking a course.

Workshop Date: Friday 25th May from 1pm to 4pm

Cost of workshop: £10

Fix in Six! Getting results with advanced clinical massage

Learn how to achieve lasting results in reducing your clients’ pain within 1-6 weekly sessions. Incorporate Myofascial Release, trigger point therapy, sports massage skills, deep tissue and Eastern Techniques to successfully treat conditions such as low back pain, rotator cuff injury, RSI and herniated disc in 1 to 6 sessions. A must for the massage therapist serious about their career!

Appropriate for all levels **(bring towels + oil please)

Jing Advanced Massage and Training is a hands-on & on-line massage training school, that has been revolutionising the massage industry in the UK since 2003. Developed by celebrated teachers and authors, Rachel Fairweather, BA, AOS, LMT, and Meghan S. Mari, BA, MA LMT, it is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence.
Jing based in Brighton, offers the UK’s only degree level course, the award winning 3 year BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical & Sports massage, as well as over 30 CPD/CEU courses to both local and global therapists alike. Creating massage experts in the treatment of specific pain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, fibromyalgia, and low back pain.

To book on Please contact Cherie on 020 72081312 or Short.Courses@lcbt.co.uk

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The London College of Beauty Therapy is excited to announce that they have been approved as a proud partner of the University of Derby.
In response to the major skills shortage predicted globally in the spa and wellness sectors, LCBT will be offering the University of Derby’s International Spa Management Foundation Degree, from September 2018 at their flagship training facility in Central London.

LCBT together with the Spa and Wellness academics from the University of Derby, fully complement one another to offer a unique synergy. London College of Beauty Therapy has been training high quality professionals for salons and spas for over 23 years, and the University of Derby with their incredible facilities at the Devonshire Spa, were the first to launch degrees in International Spa Management and Wellness Management.

This course equips graduates with all the theoretical knowledge, technical skills, practical experience and professional attitudes they need to succeed in supervisory roles in the sector. It gives a thorough understanding of the spa environment from every angle, with a strong international dimension running throughout. Students learn not only about treatments and therapies but also about managing people, business strategy, marketing, communications, sales and promotions to maximise their career opportunities. Research skills deepen students’ insights into the industry too.

For more information contact marketing@lcbt.co.uk




LCBT are now running a new

Level 4 Spa and Salon Management course!


If you've completed your Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and are looking for your next step come to our


Level 4 Spa and Salon Management Open Day - Friday 30th June


Designed with busy professionals and family commitments in mind the course takes a blended learning approach with home study and lecturers taking place 1 day a month for 10 months.


Open Day - Friday 30th June from 1:30pm


You will have the chance to find out more about the course, meet the tutor and enrol to start this September!


Advanced Learner Loans are available to pay for the course and exam fees if you are eligible. You will be able to discuss this with a member of our Central Admissions team on the day.  


To book your place now call our customer services team on

0207 208 1300


Are you obsessed with all things make-up and beauty?
Do you dream of becoming a professional make-up artist?

Sign up to start your training at one of the leading make-up colleges in the UK today!

Find out more information here.


Our Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy is now available as an evening course!

Always wanted to work in the beauty industry, but can't find the time to study around family and other lifestyle commitments?

Our Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy is now available to study as a flexible evening course, designed specifically for adults seeking a career in beauty, make-up or nails.

This exciting course starts on 23rd May, and runs from 6pm - 9pm just 2 days a week, to fit around your busy schedule!

Find out more information here.


Starting in January, LCBT are introducing some exciting new courses.


LCBT are bringing their world class tuition to Leyton, only 5 minutes from Lea Bridge station, with their Level 2 Beauty Therapy course. This course will give you everything you need to begin your career in beauty in just 18 weeks.


LCBT have partnered with Sally Durant to deliver a range of advanced aesthetics qualifications. Designed and developed as modular courses, they are flexible, giving a blended learning approach for ease of access by busy working professionals looking for progressive training that fits in with your work schedule and family commitments.

The level 4 courses designed by Sally Durant, provide an unprecedented level of study in skin science, skin health management and cosmetic dermatology. They are competency based and assessed education training programmes in advanced remedial skincare procedures built to fit the around the demands and commitments of everyday life and now a Sterex training academy we offer the very best in advanced electrolysis training allowing you to stay ahead in a rapidly growing beauty industry.
VivBeauty Therapy Lecturer


Now a Sterex Academy, LCBT will be offering a range of advanced beauty courses, allowing you to develop yourself both professionally and personally, learning a range of advanced skills which will leave you ready for employment.

Being a Sterex Academy we are able to offer the most up to date training courses in advanced electrolysis and advanced cosmetic procedures. These courses are perfectly designed delivering the most up to date training for these high demand procedures in the Beauty Industry. With great support, experienced trainers and the ease to fit these courses into a busy working life, they are the perfect way to further advance your career in beauty.
SophieBeauty Therapy Programme Manager

For more information, please call 0207 208 1300 or email info@lcbt.co.uk


HEALTH & FITNESS @ LCBT Join our Health and Fitness courses

The Active IQ accredited Certificate in Fitness Instructing to Exercise to Music will allow you to gain knowledge to support your clients in the gym environment when taking part in exercise and physical activity as well as planning group exercise sessions to music while maintaining health and safety regulations in a fitness environment. You'll also gain knowledge on the principles of exercise, fitness and health.

The course is being offered at a half price cost of £180
Running over 2 full days - Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th October 2017

You will need to have previously successfully completed the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Fitness.

For more information and to book your place on this course now call 020 7208 1300 alternatively visit www.lcbt.co.uk

To register your interest for this course send a reply to this email stating your name, email and telephone number and a member of the fitness team will get back to you.


LCBT has fully prepared me for a career in the fitness industry through the excellent experience offered and the dedicated lecturing team.
Vibirsan ThursiyanthanFitness Student