6 Reasons to start a career in the beauty industry


A career in beauty can be a fulfilling and satisfying way to use existing skills, acquire more and develop your passions and talents. No matter what kind of background you come from, or the type of person you are – whether technical or creative – you’ll find that this type of career has a lot to offer. There are six very good reasons to consider starting a career in the beauty industry today.

  1. Enjoy a varied career

Once you’ve established yourself in the beauty industry you can develop your career in any direction that you choose. That could be doing bridal make up or hair for fashion shoots, or you could work as a nail technician or apply your skills to help others find the perfect look or eyebrow arch. You’ll never be bored in a beauty industry career because this sector has so much to offer.

  1. Choose where you work

If you prefer to work from the same location each day then you can pick a salon or spa as an employer. Alternatively, you could opt to travel to your clients or to freelance and work on location. Many careers in the beauty industry offer the opportunity to travel widely, to visit countries you’ve never been before and places you might otherwise not have access to.

  1. Set your own hours

There are many different ways to work once you’re established in the beauty industry. If you want to have a 9-5 job that leaves you free at evenings and weekends then you can. If you’re looking for a more flexible schedule that fits around your other commitments and lifestyle then you can do that too. The beauty industry provides a wide range of choice and plenty of options to suit everyone.

  1. Networking opportunities

When you work in beauty you’re guaranteed to meet a very wide range of different people. Clients can come from all walks of life, from celebrities to local mums, and each one has an interesting story to tell. As you’ll meet so many people working in the beauty industry you’ll be able to build up a strong network of connections, both social and professional.

  1. Good job security

The beauty industry is robust and offers considerably more job security than many other sectors today. Opting to begin a career in beauty will enable you to establish a career that can survive even during tough economic times. People will always need beauty practitioners and the opportunities to diversify what you do will make it easy to thrive.

  1. Explore your creativity

Beauty is a very creative industry and offers opportunities to develop this in many different ways. Particularly if you come from a background in art or fashion you’ll find the creative part of the industry very satisfying.

Working in the beauty industry today is a great way to establish an exciting career with a range of flexible options that could potentially take you all over the world.

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